Panel Beating

At Power Smash Repairs, our team of qualified technicians can professionally repair damaged vehicles and single panels. Our workshop has modern equipment to assist our technicians throughout the repair process. Best of all, our panel beaters use the latest invertor weldors that are needed to repair late model cars and hi tech car aligners to measure your cars chassis.

Our chassis alignment systems  enables us to get your vehicle’s chassis back to manufacturer specifications and you can rest assured that our panel beaters a wide range of experience on all car brands as well as being fully licensed.

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Are you in need of a panel beater?
Here are some of the tasks a panel beater might perform:

► Remove damaged panels and parts of the car by unbolting or cutting them away
► Remove any dents by hammering panels with planishing hammers
► Straighten badly damaged vehicles using mechanical and hydraulic equipment to obtain door, boot and bonnet clearances
► Cut and join replacement sections or damaged panels using oxyacetylene and electric welding equipment
► Fill dents with plastic fillers and file, grind and sand repaired surfaces using power and hand tools
► Fit the repaired panel on the framework of the vehicle and refit body hardware such as door locks and door trims
► Replace badly damaged sections with new or second-hand panels
► Realign chassis and body frames, and use chassis alignment machines and measuring systems
► Remove and replace accident-related mechanical items
► Remove and replace auto-electric components
► Help vehicle body builders to build custom-designed, speciality or vintage vehicles
► Assist in spray painting vehicles.

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